How to Apply Cologne without Spray?

Are you a perfume enthusiast but doesn't know how to apply Cologne without spray? Welcome to our article to find out the solutions.

How to Apply Cologne without Spray?
Cologne without Spray

When we think of Cologne, fragrances, or body sprays, we picture a spray bottle in general. For example, most of the best creed cologne for men comes with an easy-to-use spray nozzle that makes the whole process easy and fun. But not necessarily; it always has to be a spray bottle.

Some cologne may have just a glass bottle but no nozzle. This makes it a little tricky to apply fragrance effectively.

But that shouldn't stop you from buying your favourite fragrance as we have all the tricks on how to apply Cologne without spray.

How to Apply Cologne without Spray?

With the increasing popularity of Cologne in men, the variety of flavours, fragrances, and categories are increasing too. And so is the process of applying. There is no doubt that spray cologne is easy to use.

But if you follow some simple tricks, you can utilize the Cologne without spray just as much as the popular ones.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

1.    Apply on clean skin and avoid cloths

Some people prefer to perfume their clothes rather than their skin. But synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or viscose, tend to modify the aromatic notes.

Therefore, it is best to spray its perfume on natural materials such as cotton, wool, or cashmere clothes. However, some fragrances can stain clothing. Silk, for example, is a very fragile material, and a few scented drops can leave marks.

This is also very important because many spray-less Cologne are oil-based. So, as a result, they last longer too. But the problem is that they tend to leave stains on clothes you don't want with time. So, put on directly skin and avoid cloths.

Another reason to put the Cologne on the skin is that the fragrance fusions are better on the skin. The best way would be to take a shower before applying. Damp and moisture skin holds the fragrance better than dry skin.

2.    Dab, don't rub

Open the bottle's cap, put your finger on the opening, and turn it over. Now dab the liquid on your skin with a light hand. Remember, always pat on your skin and never rub. Rubbing reduces the original smell and makes it go away way faster.

Now repeat as much as you need; don't overdo.

3.    Apply on the right points

The method and place of applying cologne influences the fragrance a lot. The best points are the pulse points. In these places, the body has the highest blood flow, which results in warming the areas. This is effective because heat points help to diffuse the scent.

The most common areas are the wrist, back of the neck, and behind the ear. Other than these, there are some other points where you can apply to Cologne too, such as:

  • Throat
  • Under the wrist
  • Under the Knees
  • Earlobes

Where NOT to apply Cologne?

In the armpits or on the neck, since they are areas where there is much doubt. You should avoid spraying your perfume on the parts of your body where you sweat the most.

Keep in mind that perfumes do not hide body odour; that's what deodorant is for. If you mix fragrance and sweat, the result is just a disaster.

How Much Is The Proper Dosage?

Those who should smell the perfume are those who approach you. When you extend your arm, they perceive it.

That is the distance at which the Cologne should be sensed. If it smells further away, it is because you have applied too much. You should not exceed three applications of spray.

Final words

Smelling good is an art; so is the correct application. The right balance between too much and too little is often crucial. This job can get ever tricky if you don't know how to apply Cologne without spray. So, here were our tricks to put on Cologne with a little more ease.