How Much Is a Good Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident?

The amount that helps you recover, that money that supports your survival, is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident. But How much? Click to know.

How Much Is a Good Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident?
Good Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident

It’s not only Canada. The law worldwide implies you drive carefully and follow the traffic rules. If you break the rule, the state will come after you. But if you are suffered, injured, or are harmed by anyone, the law is beside you.

Calgary motorcycle accidents are not any seasonal event. Looking for the analogy between it and a typical motorcycle accident is needless. Everywhere in the world, each accident is a threat of uncertainty and turmoil. Once it becomes a legal issue, there has to be a legitimate end where everyone leaves the floor with a good settlement.

The one accused has to go a long way to prove himself clean. In the event of failure to do that, the person carries the punishment on their shoulder. The article is for you if you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident.

A good settlement for a motorcycle accident

The idea is not like that one claims an accident, and there is a settlement. Let’s know in detail about it.

How to calculate motorcycle accident settlement?

The person liable for the accident is supposed to pay the compensation to the victim. This amount is determined by the most common factors mentioned below.

  • Medical expenses
  • Damage of property
  • Lost wages of missing working hours due to injury

The total amount of the mentioned factors will be multiplied by a number based on the pain and suffering of the victim. Normally the range of multiplier is 1 to 5.

What is the average motorcycle accident settlement?

One thing is mentionable that the average amount cannot give the idea of actual settlement every time as there are multiple factors that can add up the amount. And missing of those factors result in a reduction in the amount.

The average motorcycle accident settlement amount is above $70,000. Based on the injury or loss, the amount may increase or decrease.

What is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident?

What is a person’s demand after a severe accident?

  • Funding for ongoing and prior and future medical expenses
  • Coverage of the lost wages due to injury or disability
  • Recovery of lost earnings
  • Compensation to physical and emotional sufferings

A victim claims the authority to get the justice that includes reparations. While the judgment covers all of the points mentioned above, the plaintiff's demand is fulfilled. And, that is a good settlement.

How much time does it take to settle a motorcycle accident claim?

The settlement of a motorcycle accident normally takes 6 months to a year. If there is no complication, it is possible to resolve the case in only a couple of months. The severity of the injury also impacts the duration of the case.

A good lawyer can save your time by helping in preparing and submission of the necessary paperwork and documents.

Things you should know about motorcycle accident settlement

Talk to your lawyer before going for a claim. There are several matters like-

  • The insurance company is supposed to pay for the damage if you’re injured by someone else’s negligence.
  • Get the insurance money if it’s the at-fault party not capable of compensating your loss. That will be even more in amount.
  • It’s better to claim after you are recovered. Sometimes, it takes time to determine the actual health condition caused by accident. It is not surprising to find the hospital bill dissimilar to the anticipated amount.
  • Beware of being considered less injured and affected than it is caused to you. Preserve and present proper documents, prescriptions, etc., carefully.

Last Words

The earliest instinct after an accident should be the health concern. As with that admission to a hospital, treatment, doctor’s prescriptions, medication, and other expenses come, the victim’s second need is money.

There is no specific or predetermined amount for a motorcycle accident settlement that reaches your account, and it’s done.

So, the best settlement is the amount that helps you recover, that money that acknowledges your pain and suffering, supports your survival through the interval just after recovery.

But, the best is to be careful and maintain precautions that would minimize the damage. And, most importantly, not being injured. Wear a helmet, check your bike before you hit the starter. And, of course, follow the traffic rules. Have a good day!