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With the unit- “HLTAAP001 Recognise Healthy Body Systems”, individuals will learn to describe basic information about the human body and the ability to recognise and promote ways to maintain healthy functioning of the body.  

The assessment of this unit is not easy and it requires an in-depth understanding of the different body structures. Additionally, performance criteria and the HLTAAP001 assessment answer are based on vital elements. The factors that are necessary for this unit are: 

  • Terminology: Individuals should learn all the components of the body based on their initial actions. Also, it would help if you calculated the intensity of the damage or impact, internally and externally.  
  • Interrelationship: You must extend the consequences of the impact on one organ to another. For example, in a heart attack, the first damage is on the brain because cells there cannot sustain without oxygen even for a few minutes. Thus, student must be aware of the danger to other organs in case of disruption.  
  • Maintenance: A student must inform and educate others in preserving their organs with exercise and healthy diet tips.  
  • Activities: Individuals should design and create activities targeted towards particular organs. For instance, smoking impacts the lungs and alcohol destroys the liver. Additionally, pollution can impact the eyes, lungs, skin and many other organs. 

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Accordingly, learn to write HLTAAP001 task answers, with the set of sample questions as listed below:


  1. Answer the following questions
  2. The auditory nerve is associated with the:                 
  3. The olfactory nerve is associated with:                       
  4. The optic nerve is associated with:                               
  5. The skin is covered by 


  1. Regular exercise should be taken to ensure that the musculoskeletal system is maintained. 
  1. Differentiate between active and passive exercises in terms of definition.
  2. Identify whether the following exercises are active or passive.
  1. It is important that care worker regularly check the Observations (Vital Signs) of a client or patient at all times and report abnormal readings to supervisor. List the normal range and equipment used to measure? 
  1. Body temperature and the name of the equipment used to measure?
  2. Blood pressure and the name of the equipment used to measure?
  3. List 2 symptoms of Urinary Infection? How do you measure the PH of urine?
  4. List 2 symptoms of dehydration and the amount of fluids/day to ensure adequate hydration is maintained and helps to eliminate wastes from the body?


  1. How would you assess that your client is at risk for eye disease?
  2.   How do the major components of each body system interrelate to each other system?
  3. What are the benefits of health promotion and maintenance?
  4.  Discuss the relationships between body systems required to support healthy functioning. 

With the vague concept of this unit, it is impossible to write HLTAAP001 assessment answers. Thus, it is advisable to hire a writing specialist from and get quality enhanced HLTAAP001 solutions.

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