History of Nadi Astrology

Nadi prediction is one ancient practice of predicting humans' past, present, and future. Read on to know the history of Nadi Astrology.

History of Nadi Astrology

Nadi prediction is one ancient practice of predicting humans' past, present, and future. As per the legends, the great Sage Agastya originated this method . The sage had great spiritual powers and could see the entire lifecycle of all the souls, even the dead ones. 

Understanding the History of Nadi Astrology

To help humanity and pass the knowledge further, the sage took the palm leaves, wrote all the predictions about the souls, and kept those palm leaves in bundles. Nadi prediction has readings about every soul on this planet that ever took birth and will take birth. According to Nadi prediction, the sage got to know about the past, present, and future of all the souls that will ever deliver on Earth. 

Nadi predictions are the toughest ones to decipher, and hence only the eligible astrologers or the renowned ones can perform this prediction. 

The sage predicted the family history, career, and all other aspects of the life of individuals. He made these predictions in several thousand volumes. All these happenings were recorded in a book kept well-preserved by different rules for ages. 

The sage had a foresight who could see the lifecycle of the natives. These readings can be more than 2000 years old now. These predictions were unique and correct when read and understood by several renowned astrologers. It is a belief that the sage knew which souls would come looking for their predictions, and he managed to predict the life happenings of all such souls. 

According to Nadi Astrology, souls who were meant to read the predictions about their life come to look for this method of astrology. Other than the sage Agathiyar, other sages were also involved in making and writing these predictions on the palm leaves. These sages are Kaushika, Vyasa, Bohar, Brigu, Vasishtha, and Valmiki; a total of seven sages made these predictions. 

These Nadis were kept in the Powerspot of Tanjore, later turned into a library known as Saraswati Mahal; Britishers also expressed interest in knowing more about these Nadis. When they ruled India, they auctioned the book. This book then became the proud possession of a family of the Valluvar community in Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. 

Some of these Nadis also got destroyed, and some were prized by astrologers. In the 13th century, the forefathers realized the value of these leaves and their predictions. They then created copies of these leaves for future readings. 

These leaves have prophecies written in the Tamil language in Tamil poetry. Hence one should always consult a Tamil astrologer who is an expert in Nadi astrology; individuals can also use a translator if they are not natives from Tamil Nadu. 

The Procedure of Nadi Astrology Prediction

 To begin with, the Nadi reader takes the thumb impression of the native. The library where the palm leaves are kept has classifications according to the thumb impressions. For each thumb impression, the reader can find 5 to 6 bundles. Each bundle contains 50 to 100 leaves, and one leaf might be related to the native. 

Identifying the thumb impression with the bundles of palm leaves is a laborious task for sure. Also, to have an accurate reading about oneself, a native needs someone who has profound knowledge of the language and can decipher these texts. 

Sage Agathiya also suggested that to find these readings accurate and have the same results, one should be free from past sins. This is because a native's destiny changes as per his account of karma. That is why Nadi astrology suggests remedies that native has to perform in the Powerspot to balance their sins.