Here’s How Digital Pathology is Transforming the World of Diagnostics

Digital Pathology Market

Digital Pathology is a process of digitizing glass slides using an image scanner to provide a high-resolution digital image that can be viewed simply on a mobile device or mobile device. In recent years, the field of Digital Pathology has undergone incredible growth & evaluation, where the accuracy & speed of the equipment have improved drastically, providing a platform to perform routine evaluation & morphology characterization. 

The advent of digital pathology in clinical trials, research, etc., has led to the development of new machine learning solutions in applications like tissue interrogation and a potential to explore disease mechanisms, patient-specific phenotypes, classify kidney patients, and predict disease & cure outcomes, among others. As a result, a recent research study has cited that the Global Digital Pathology Market is expecting around 14% CAGR during 2022-27.

Digital Pathology Transformations

With the industry undergoing rapid research & developments, Digital Pathology has transformed the healthcare sector in several ways. Of them all, the five prominent transformations are listed below:

  • Improved management of health data with better insights & analysis
  • Quicker & accurate image sharing & collaboration
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Pathology for deeper insights
  • Reduced burden from pathologists
  • Unlocking medical breakthroughs

Various Perks of Using Digital Transformation

With these transformations, Digital Pathology also displays several benefits in the healthcare sector. These perks include better analysis using multiple algorithms on slides to deliver accurate, fast, & objective information. Besides, constant access to prior cases with the ability to store data for long durations also enables the pathologist to provide predictive analytics.

Moreover, reduced errors & mistakes by preventing breakage & lowering the risk of misidentification are the other benefits of digital pathology. Furthermore, several healthcare providers can attain better views using digital pathology using features like zooming & viewing from multiple angles, which allows them to annotate slides.

Moving on, Digital Pathology is also swiftly improving the productivity of medical professionals in both the short & long terms. With facilities like central storage & easy access to workflow, automation, remote access, etc., digital pathology solutions are changing the diagnosis dynamics.

Nonetheless, reduced turnaround times enable faster access to archived digital slides, coupled with rapid data retrieving, matching, organizing, & sampling, especially in complex cases, than manual methods, are promoting the adoption of Digital Pathology. After all, these systems also come in handy while bringing specialization, extending scalability, teaching & training, etc. 

Besides, digital pathology exhibits some other advantages that associate with cost-effectiveness. Have a look:

  • Eliminates extra services like courier services
  • Fosters in speeding up the workflow
  • Reducing patient travel for medical review  
  • Eliminates overtime for pathologists
  • Introduces new opportunities for different businesses & expanding geographical scalability

On the other hand, the Food & Drug Association (FDA) of the US has approved the commercial use of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) using digital pathology solutions for primary diagnosis in patients. In fact, Canada & a few European countries are now in their early & mid phases of using digital pathology solutions for different applications apart from image archiving & second opinion consultations. 

Summing Up

By far, it is pretty much clear that Digital Pathology is a prominent solution enabling the transformation & consolidation across the field of pathology. It is now referred to as development in digital scans from microscopic slides to visualization with better analysis, data storing, & interpretation of information. Hence, based on these aspects, the digital pathology market worldwide is set to create profitable growth opportunities in the coming years.