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Toki Pona memes? Much yes!
zalambdalestes | 3 May 2019

#TokiPona #sitelen_tawa #tele #TPmemes #anno2019
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First IEML TP notes

t.i.-k.i.-' capital mani
d.i.-k.i.-' money mani
l.i.-m.i.-' furniture supa
b.i.-k.i.-' public place ma
d.i.-l.i.-' room tomo
d.i.-l.i.-' hall tomo
k.i.-t.i.-' store esun
n.i.-s.i.-' engine ilo
f.e.-t.i.-' machine ilo
m.a.-b.a.-' game musi
l.e.-m.i.-' entertainment musi
f.i.-k.i.-' drink m...
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