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2020-01-15T14:27:15+01:00 ·
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While consulting the Albanian Wikipedia I've found out about this recent polysynthetic conlang (2007) accredited an ISO 3 code

It is polysynthetic and has a ISO 3 code, quite the contrary to Toki Pona and is written in a Latin alphabet.

Arahau is a language created, a priori, phonology from ...
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2019-12-03T22:51:46+01:00 ·
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when is it getting ISO? and also isn't tp already taken?

639-1: "tp" is not taken

639-2: "tpi" is taken by Tok Pisin, a creole language used in Papua New Guinea. Other "tp-" codes are free.

639-3: "tpo" is taken by Tai Pao, a minority language in Southeast Asia. "tpn" is tak...
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