Hair Styling Secrets Your Stylist Won't Share

Want to maintain salon look hair at home? These hairstyling secrets that your hairstylist won't share with you can help to achieve it.

Hair Styling Secrets Your Stylist Won't Share
Hair Styling

Everyone wants healthy and salon look hair but visiting a salon once 3-4 weeks can disbalance the budget for groceries or bills. We share some of the hairstyling tips and secrets that your hairstylist won't tell you.

Hot water can deform hair cuticles and leave hair with a dull look. Your hairstylist knows this very well but now you also knew it. To protect hair from damage, make sure to wash your hair less often. Washing less frequently allows natural oils produced by the head to travel down to the hair.

KNow the right way to blow dry your hair to get the most lift. Also, invest in quality heat styling products with the latest technology to reduce the damage caused by styling tools. Use heat protector products that will help to reduce hair damage.

Ponytail is the best and easiest but ponytail holders can damage hair when you put on wet hair. 

Use the products that are made for your hair type. Hair products can make a big difference to repair damaged hair and maintaining a hair look. If you have curly hair, leave-in conditioner and curl cream is a good combination. To perk up limp hair, texture and volume sprays can be a good choice.