Gorgeous Turquoise Engagement Rings for Your Something Blue

Gorgeous Turquoise Engagement Rings for Your Something Blue

While some brides love sparkly and shiny diamond rings in Columbus, others are looking for gemstones that are vibrant, elegant, and fresh, much like turquoise.


This gemstone comes steeped in years of culture and history and has a stunning blue shade that’s refreshing, chic, and quite versatile making it ideal to pair with any metal, design, style, or setting.


Reasons we love turquoise

For brides looking for their ‘something blue’, turquoise offers a beautiful appeal and comes in a range of shades from blue to green and even teal making it a perfect option for your big day.


Just keep in mind that turquoise wedding bands in Columbus rank between a five and a six on the Mohs scale making them highly soft and fragile and while they can be worn daily, rough handling can cause your gemstone to crack or break easily.


Some turquoise gemstones have pretty spiderweb-like veins that run through the stone and add to their character and appeal. However, if this isn’t your style, you can even opt for turquoise gemstones that have a solid blue shade.


Your local jewelry store in Columbus will advise you to pick secure settings for your gemstones like a six-prong, bezel, and even channel that will keep your center stone protected. You can even add a halo of diamonds around your center stone for added protection and sparkle.


Final Verdict

Caring for your turquoise gemstone is easy and you can take it to your local professional from time to time to clean, repair and maintain so that it looks new and shiny for years to come. You should also avoid exposing your gemstone to direct heat, light, household chemicals, and abrasives as they could dull and degrade your gemstone or even crack it.