Gorgeous Necklace Styles for Every Bride Out There!

Once you’ve picked your perfect wedding dress, the next step is to choose diamond necklaces that can not only pair well with your dress and complete your look, but add a dash of glamour and shine to your day.


Your bridal necklace should resonate with your style and personality preferences whether you’re looking for something bold and daring or minimal and low-key.


With so many options out there choosing the right one can be tough, however here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to looking for your ideal piece that can pull your look together in the best way.


Tips to choose a bridal necklace

When it comes to choosing your necklace, your first step is picking your style, do you want a piece that is unique, statement, and one of a kind, or something that’s minimal, elegant, and subtle? Also consider the neckline of your dress, if it features any intricate details along with the style of your diamond engagement rings.


If you’re wearing a V-neck or low-cut gown, choose a pendant necklace or even a delicate or statement choker for a strapless and off-shoulder gown. For dresses that are simple and plain, you can go all out and opt for a statement necklace with intricate details and gemstones added to it.


However, if your dress features lace designs, beadwork, or even other design elements then it’s good to keep your jewelry minimal or even match the metal to your wedding ring sets.


Rose gold, yellow gold, or even platinum are beautiful options when paired with diamonds, rubies, or sapphires and you can create a piece that’s modern and trendy, vintage-inspired, or simply contemporary for a stunning appeal.


Caring for your necklace is very important especially if you are investing in vintage-inspired heirloom pieces to pass down to your future generations. You will need to take your piece to a professional jeweler every couple of months to clean, repair and maintain so that it looks new and fresh for years to come.


The Bottom Line

You will also need to store your necklace in the box it came in or in a velvet-lined jewelry pouch when cleaning, cooking, gardening, swimming, showering, cleaning, exercising, or heading out for any adventures so that it doesn’t break, scratch, or chip and stays in a good condition for a long time.