How Gojek Clone Change The Future Of On Demand Industry In Indonesia?

Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App In Indonesia has Miraculously altered the Matrix of the Digital Landscape of the On-Demand Service Industry! How? Because of the New Futuristic Features that have been coded into this Super App.

How Gojek Clone Change The Future Of On Demand Industry In Indonesia?

The Big Brother of the On-Demand Multi-Services App like gojek clone in Indonesia  has been Intricately Crafted with Precision to easily make a Billion Bucks for Smart Entrepreneurs like you. This App alone offers 70+ Life-Enhancing Services to Millions of its Users who Login Each Day to Shop their Hearts Out. 


The Users can now Book Instant Online Video Consultation Sessions with Doctors, Personal Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors and Fitness Coaches, Lawyers, Psychiatrists and even Astrologers.

The Consultation Fee gets Automatically deducted from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card once the Session Ends! And it is the ONLY Mode of Payment Accepted for this Feature!

The Field Specialists Registered with the Gojek like App are the ones who are Authorized to Initiate the Video Call through the App. The Users do not have this luxury. They have to wait till the Expert Accepts or Rejects their Request.

Before Placing a Video Call right away, the Professional goes through the Issue at Hand which is typed in by the User! Then these Experts can choose to Initiate the Conversation via In-App Chat and Voice Call Features.


The Users Post Task Details on the All-In-One-Services App in Indonesia and get Bids in Real-Time from Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Home Cleaners, Electricians, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Agents. 

Then, they choose the Best Bid that is Pocket-Friendly without compromising on the Quality of the Work Expected. That is why, the Users often glance through Online Ratings and Reviews of the Handyman, their Online Portfolio of Videos and Photos highlighting their Skill Sets.


The User has to simply Fill in a Form by punching in Details such as Category of Task Requested, Service Location, Budget, Specific Details about the Requested Task and Preferred Date & Time.


The Gojek Clone App User in Indonesia will get a Notification that the Task Request has been Successfully Posted and an Invitation is sent to all the relevant Service Providers in the Users’ Neighborhood! Now, the User has to wait for Interested Handymen to Place an Offer

It takes place in a Situation when the Handyman feels that the Quoted Budget is too low for one’s Skill-Set! That is why they Place an Offer that is Higher than the Users’ Budget. This is where officially the Process of Service Bidding or Virtual Negotiations Start!

The Handyman also has the Option to either Outrightly Accept it or Reject it! 



The App Owner Earns Commissions through Every Single Order Placed through the App. The Service Providers are Contractually Bound to Pay a Small Portion of their Earnings per Order/Service Rendered to the App Owner as Commission. And it is You, My Fellow Smart Entrepreneur, who gets to Decide Commission Rates of all the Services Offered based on their Demand in the Market!


The App Owner Designs Subscription Plans of Varying Validity Periods that all come with a Specific Expiration Date. The Service Providers are then asked to Cherry-Pick One Plan and buy it by making a One-Time-Payment to the App Owner. Once the Plan is Active, the Service Providers can Say Goodbye to Paying Commissions Forever! These Plans could be Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually!


Business like Gojek in Indonesia is a Raging Hit among Entrepreneurs worldwide because it helps you make Easy and Quick Money! Is it your Childhood Dream of becoming an Entrepreneur? Do you want to run a Multi-Billion US Dollar Company? Then Contact an Authentic White-Labeling Firm ASAP!