Wonderful Stock Management App

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Shopify minimum order amount enables the sale of products in limited quantity orders. Customers can’t make orders freely. Mini and maxi requirements are essential for customers before move on to the checkout page. It helps to distribute products equally to all customers. The limitation order can also be set on some specific products. It enables you to put a restriction on the cart for your specific products. The Shopify maximum order amount app uses to set a restriction on product items, amount and cart page.

Odd and Even Series

Create odd and even series for selling products into batches e.g, 10, 20 and 30.

Specific products

You can set a restriction on specific product quantity and amount.

Avoid large orders

It prevents higher shipping and handling, and re-ordering costs.


Responsive with all devices that help to increase the store conversion rate.


13/02/2020 18:11:08
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