Earning more than $300 a day of actual combat dry goods! (PART TWO)

Pricing: It's not how cheap your earrings were, it's how cheap they feel! Do not uniform price, according to the style type to distinguish the price, high and low can not only highlight the different levels of quality, but also give guests a counteroffer profit space

The price can also be a little higher and then buy two get one free. If you see that kind of cheap goods in other stalls, you can send them as gifts directly, which is a fatal blow to the competitors, so cheap is not everything, style first and then cooperate with the discount combination.


Booth location: Now let's talk about the daily earnings of $300 record, in addition to "roadside stalls" you can also try to go to the market, "occupy the road" business to attract passers-by the first time, the price is beautiful than the physical store and the mall lights can put jewelry shine super eye


Bazaar stalls are charged but not high, if you want a high income is bound to have a different input; On THE CONTRARY YOU INVEST SMALL STALL IS SMALL, THE GUEST THAT CAN RECEIVE ACHIEVES A DEAL LESS TURNOVER RATE IS LOW, CAN REFER TO ONESELF CONSIDERATION SO


Therefore, such conditions can directly affect your efficiency and cash flow. To avoid other similar conditions, choosing the reliable wholesale jewelry supplier is of vital importance. For example, Jewelrykg is a perfect choice.After a lot of detours,I found this amazing site❤


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