Do You Need a Lawyer for a Separation Agreement in Saskatchewan?

A marriage breakdown requires a legal separation agreement and involves state law. It is better to hire a lawyer to do the process without hassle.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Separation Agreement in Saskatchewan?
a Lawyer for a Separation Agreement

Unfortunately, couples sometimes reach a point where their relationship does not work out anymore. So, they go for the marriage breakdown. It comes with a variety of emotional burdens for many individuals.

If you want to go for a legal separation agreement, the best way is to hire a family lawyer.

Do you need a lawyer for a separation agreement in Saskatchewan?

Yes, you do need one to make the whole process legally correct. A lawyer is a person who practices law and knows the key aspects very well. They know the critical elements of laws better than anyone else.

Family lawyers have experience with almost every category of separation case for this particular situation. So, it is better to seek the necessary guidance and help when state law is involved in anything.

You can leave the hard part of legal work to the lawyer and relax.

What is a separation agreement?

Eligibility for a couple to be legally separated in Canada requires staying separated for one year (at least). Then you have to convince the judge about this one-year separation.

When things are not working out between the couples, they don’t feel independent in carrying on the relationship. In this situation, when they need to file a divorce, they first require a separation agreement.

However, you might need legal assistance to make things work for separation. You can hire a lawyer for that or do it all by yourself.

But, when you are doing it yourself, there are a lot of catches. Law comes with various loopholes. You may get into one when you do it alone. So, it is better to seek a legal practitioner on this.

Why do you need a legal agreement?

To get divorce approval from the court, you need this separation agreement.

Both of you need to conclude how you will manage yourself alone and agree to separation. So, it should be fair from both sides. Before taking any step, you need to arrange all the required documents for divorce.

You can proceed with a legal separation agreement if any of the following aspects match you:


  1. If your spouse is not ready for the separation, you don’t want to live together either. At this stage, this agreement will let you live independently ­with a fair share of responsibilities for both.
  2. Both of you have concluded to break down the marriage and understand how you will share the responsibilities. Then two of you can take all the decisions before informing the court.
  3. If you are in a situation where you need to keep the marital relationship due to some unavoidable circumstances like religion and others, you can go for a settlement agreement. It will help to lead an independent life while also maintaining being married.

If you find yourself going through one of the above situations, you can file for a separation agreement.

How to get a separation agreement in Saskatchewan?

There are various ways of a separation agreement that you can follow. Each depends on the situation you are in now.

  1. The first and most common way is to hire a good lawyer and leave it on them. They know how the law works for divorce and separation agreements to handle it easily.
  2. If you and your spouse agree on everything, then you can do it on your own without seeking professional help. Remember, everything should be clear to both of you to avoid unfairness. If you think there will be a problem in the future, seek a professional.
  3. To settle a complaint out of the court, you can choose an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The cost of filing a divorce may vary due to the complication and nature of the case.
Law can be different for every area.

For example, there is the federal family law and the local family law in your locality. You may not know the loopholes in the local laws and may get into the wrong step. So, consult with a professional beforehand, taking any action.

A situation where the couples need to break down their marriage is always heartbreaking. Both spouses go through mental trauma after deciding to end their relationship. Sometimes, they can not focus on starting the separation process. So, a lawyer can help you out of the situation.

As this is a legal process, it is better to know the laws and step accordingly. And you need to maintain the gradual steps also. In this circumstance, you will get guidance and direction from a lawyer to make the whole process perfect.