Child Education in Islam: Importance and Consequences

Child education in Islam is still a taboo for many people. But that is not the case in real life. Let’s find out more about child education in Islam here.

Child Education in Islam: Importance and Consequences
Child Education in Islam

Islam has always been the religion to promote mankind’s future. This religion pays extra attention to the growth and reformation of new generations, thus emphasizing child education. You can certainly admit your child to an English medium school in Gulshan for the best education in Bangladesh.

So what does Islam say about child education?

Simply put, the importance and activities of education start from a very early age for a Muslim child.

To begin with, pregnant mothers are allowed to break their fasts during Ramadan. And then, the father must recite Azan when the baby is born. This way, the infant learns the ways of life and understands discipline.

As you can see, child education in Islam has extreme importance. It’s crucial to provide the best and proper education to every Muslim child. It shapes their future and afterlife.

The Basis of Islamic Education in Children

Islamic education has a core foundation. It stands upon the belief that material and spiritual sides must be balanced properly. The life of a Muslim needs to be organized on the earth. But this must not be the sole purpose of life.

The purpose of education is to build a balance of spiritual belief as well. Humans cannot run after material success only. They must build a deep spiritual understanding of the afterlife and be ready for that.

Child Education in Islam: The Center of Teaching Knowledge

A child is the center of the education system in Islam. As a result, it is our duty to build their mind with immense knowledge and concepts. They will help the child to lead an honest and blessed life.

The root of a child’s behavior and personality generates during childhood. Thus, the concept of education is to develop, grow, and adapt the child to experience different things in life. Education also teaches ways to enlighten, elevate, and purify a child’s thoughts, activities, and beliefs.

Providing children with diverse knowledge and sciences will ensure their cognitive growth. Therefore, the manner in which he is guided, particularly throughout childhood, is related to his mental safety.

The Bases of Child Education in Islam

There are certain foundations of education in Islam. Every child must begin their education by learning about the creator. The task is to provide the child with all the teachings of the creator.

Also, the child will need to learn to be faithful towards him. True faith results in the behaviour a child will put out into the world.

Another base of child education is learning the difference between good and bad. No Muslim should lose faith in Allah. This will help them be on the right path and achieve everything possible gifts from Him.

All these together create the personality of the child. This step involves a lot of different procedures. And the child will need time to build their own character.

The Consequences of Wrong Education

Parents have to take the first and most important decision on the child’s education. If the parents fail to do so, there are consequences.

For example, suppose a parent orders the child to perform Islamic rituals only. And they no longer support education in general for the child. As a result, these parents will no longer have any right over the child.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure education can be completed at home. Remember, riding a bike with a sandal has more severe consequences.


Child education in Islam is one of the most respected aspects. Every Muslim must fulfil the minimum education quota – and we certainly are not talking about government-based quotas.

The best way to teach kids is through practical demonstration. Of course, there are certain ways you cannot practically prove everything. This is where the foundation of education, faith in Almighty, comes one.

So, get your kids to the best Islamic school today. Just make sure that the student is well-organized and be there for your kid.