BYOD Security Market Latest Trend, Business Opportunities, And Industry Forecast 2027

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Industry insight

The global BYOD security market 2020 to 2027 is estimated with a valuation of USD 69 Billion by the year 2023, according to the report found by Market Research Future. The report also states that the market is set to grow at a rate of ~37% during the assessment period.

Top Impacting Factors

BYOD is known by “Bring Your Own Device.” In current times, employees are accepting personal mobile gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, PCs at the workplace to complete work through efficiently. In the existing working environment, every company wants its employees to be more productive as well as healthier networks with the safety of corporate data. The usage of personal devices at the workplace can surge the productivity of the employees simultaneously raises the risk of data leaking. All these factors have made the market of BYOD security more valuable than previous years that could make growth possibilities higher in the forecast period. 

The implementation of BYOD security systems aided in preserving an organization's intellectual property by avoiding cyber attacks. It also facilitates employees in taking optimal advantage of working from convenient locations. This factor is also motivating the market growth for the assessment period. In fact, a more significant number of business firms, across the world, are also promoting the application of these systems, thereby facilitating the employees to carry their own devices. It also encourages the employees to make quick decisions and access real time data easily. Besides, it also aids in accessing relevant data by the deployment of effective security solutions. All these factors have profoundly contributed to the growth of the global BYOD security market. 

Over these factors, more factors such as escalating demand for smartphones is anticipated to propel BYOD security market growth. A large number of employees are likely to prefer and carry out work-related tasks such as accessing and sending emails. This is predicted to ensure employee productivity independent of the work location. Security risks are also high in case of theft or loss of the device. Some attributes such as lightweight and compact size tablet phones are likely to lead the market on the path of replacement of laptops with tablet phones for carrying out business tasks.

Segmentation of Market: BYOD Security

BYOD security market, as per segmental analysis has included the segments of device, security solution, software, and end-user. 

Among the device type segment, the global BYOD security market has included smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Out of which, smartphones and tablets are likely to be more and more critical for the global BYOD security market over the assessment period owing to its growing use by employees working remotely.

Among the software segment, the global BYOD security market has included mobile device security, mobile data security, and network security.

Among the security solution segment, the global BYOD security market has included mobile application management, mobile device management, mobile identity management, and mobile content management.

Among the end-user segment, the global BYOD security market has included large enterprises and small & midsized enterprises.

Regional Outlook

North America is to be expected to lead the regional market for BYOD security over the assessment period owing to the expanding demand for BYOD policies in the region. Employers in the region are ever more adopting BYOD policies in order to save charge on workplace equipment and maintenance. The mounting development of advanced telecommunications systems in North America is also anticipated to be a key driver for the BYOD security market in the region, as this facilitates the easy adoption of BYOD policies in several countries. Several leading internet security market players are also based out of North America, leading to the smooth growth of the BYOD security market in North America over the assessment period.

In fact, the Europe region is also likely to retain a lead share in the global BYOD security market over the forecast period owing to the rising demand for BYOD working policies in the region.

The mounting corporate sector in the Asia Pacific region and the increasing availability of advanced telecommunications solutions to activate BYOD operations smoothly is to drive the Asia Pacific market for BYOD security solutions over the forecast period. Asia Pacific is also likely to exhibit the fastest growth in the global BYOD security market over the assessment period.

Top Market Players

The foremost players in the global BYOD security market are listed as IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Symantec Corporation, Avaya Inc., Cisco Systems, Good Technology Corporation, Fortinet Inc., VMware Inc., Mobileiron Inc., and Citrix Systems Inc.


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Key players :

 The prominent players in the BYOD Security Market Shareare International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation (U.S.), Citrix Systems, Inc. (U.S.), VMware, Inc. (U.S.), Good Technology Corporation. (U.S.), Mobileiron Inc. (U.S.), Fortinet Inc. (U.S.), Cisco Systems (U.S.), Avaya Inc. (U.S.), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (U.S.), Symantec Corporation (U.S.), and others



BYOD Security Industry is segmented on the basis of different types that include Device Type, Software, Security Solution, End User.

BYOD Security Market segmentation according to the Device Type:

The market is segmented according to the device type, and that is further categorized into the Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop. 

BYOD Security Market segmentation by Software:

The BYOD Security Market is segmented on the basis of Software that is further segmented into Mobile Data Security, Mobile Device Security, and Network Security. 

BYOD Security Market segmentation by Security Solutions:

The BYOD Security Market is segmented on the basis of Security Solutions that are Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management, and Mobile Identity Management. 

BYOD Security Market segmentation by End User:

The market of BYOD Security Market is segmented into the end-user that is segmented into the Large Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprises. 


Regional Analysis:

The BYOD Security Market Trends is also segmented into the multiple regions that are further sub-divided into the region such as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Among all the above country North America occupies the largestBYOD Security Market Share in the BYOD Security Market Trends. This region holds the largest share because of the high adoption of the BYOD concept by Large & Small scale enterprises. This region is popular across the globe because of the increasing security concerns. After North America, the Asia-Pacific countries share the second largest share. This is one of the fastest-growing regions due to the adoption of BYOD Security Market Trends for retaining employees in the organization.


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