Why does Your AC Compressor not Turning ON?
Publisher: Cool Air USA
Date: 2020-05-04T06:33:02+00:00

The AC system is a delicate machine which gives consistent services all through the summer time. Taking good care of it is very important as it reduces the humidity and heat from your house. But due to wear and tear or over functionality, it can come to a halt situation. Most often when your air conditioner goes out of order, then it is due to compressor failure. Though compressor can be repaired but it is a very delicate part. The compressor is the heart of the AC unit which gives it energy to run consistently. So whenever the compressor becomes distorted, then it should be checked immediately by a professional. Now to make you more familiar with the symptoms that lead to compressor failure are mentioned by AC repair Fort Lauderdale service here in this blog.

Compressor won’t Turn ON

When you notice that you have started your AC system but it is not blowing cool air, then it is a sure sign that the compressor is not working fine. Immediately check the outdoor unit and if it is not working fine, then lower the thermostat to turn ON the compressor. If it is still not working fine, then it might have failed. And then you should call the expert to fix the issue.

Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the compressor overheats and takes too much of power which results in tripping the circuit breaker. But most of the times, the house owners reset the circuit breaker and gain turn the air conditioner ON which is not a good way to turn ON the AC. The problem lies with the condensing unit which should be fixed by an expert.