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Date: 2019-07-18T07:49:14+01:00

Integrated computer mobile trolley mobile trolley wireless mobile cart ward check trolley


Product advantage


  1. Applicable departments: wards, operating rooms, emergency centers, physical examination centers, computer rooms, etc.


  1. Applicable installation model: 17-inch or less laptop.


  1. Installation method: the laptop can be placed in both internal and external ways and can be locked to prevent theft.


4, the table can be raised and lowered freely, can be used for sitting or standing.

 5.The table is ABS+PC plastic integrated injection molding.

 6.The base is cast and formed by aluminum alloy as a whole, which can bear 40kg.


7.the lifting of the column using mechanical spring power, easy to operate, the service life of more than 10 years.


  1. The cart wheel USES medical silent wheel, which can be pushed flexibly in any direction. The front two wheels are equipped with locking function.




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