Dr Fone - Data Recovery for iOS & Android
Publisher: Pete Wayne
Date: 2019-01-29T18:39:10+01:00

Have you ever heard about Dr Fone? Let’s find out what it is.

Dr Fone can be considered as a PC software which was developed by Wondershare. It was designed to meet up with the various needs of Android and iOS users. Basically, you will be able enough to recover, transfer, backup, erase data on your devices and as well as to remove the lock screen and root the android devices. We’ll figure more about this Dr Fone.

What are the features of Dr. Fone?

When concerning the features of Dr Fone, it can be identified that there are many different features and tools in it, in order to cope with Android and iOS devices. Here we can see there is UI/UX to make this software easy and more understandable to the user. Also, it can be identified that Dr Fone has consisted of a tool kit that makes data recovery very easy and applicable for Android and iOS devices. Some of such tools are mentioned below.

  • System Recovery
  • Unlock
  • Full data eraser
  • Private data eraser
  • Data backups and restore
  • Whatsapp transfer backup and restore
  • Line backups and restore

What are the functions of Dr Fone?

The fundamental task of Dr Fone is to recover data in your Android and iOS devices. The most common method to recover data from Dr Fone is to connect the device by USB to a computer where you can export any recoverable file to your device. The preview function is also available in Dr Fone which helps you peruse the deleted files before recovering them so that you know exactly what you’re recovering. Therefore, here this also helps you to cut down the recovery of unnecessary data to your device. It also helps to fix your recovery problems without getting data losses.Dr Fone performs a greater deal to protect your privacy settings and to prevent your devices from getting viruses.

How to get Dr Fone?

You can easily download Dr Fone from the official Wandershare’s Dr Fone website. You can also get a free trial of Dr Fone via that.

What are the shortcomings of Dr Fone?

One of the main shortcomings of Dr Fone is, you can’t have to enter or exit recovery mode privilege during Dr Fone repair. Also, it can be identified that the user experience is not quite good although UI/UX in Dr Fone makes it easy and applicable to the user. Apart from those, Dr Fone can be considered as an expensive software that is in the market. Especially, when comparing Dr Fone with the other recovery software in the market it’s the cost is a little bit high than other such software. Also, a very little functionality can be enjoyed with Dr Fone when you are using its free version is another shortcoming of this software.

However, Dr Fone can be considered as the number 1 recovering software that is used to recover data in Android and iOS devices. Therefore, why be late to get Dr Fone to your devices and also don’t forget to share this with your friends!