Bayern Munich suffered its first defeat in the Bundesliga this season against Hertha Berlin, 2-0 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.
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Date: 2018-09-29T11:32:41+01:00

#Bayern Munich suffered its first defeat in the #Bundesliga this season against #Hertha Berlin, 2-0 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Coach Nico Kovac began the game by forming a squad consisting of captain Manuel Noir in the goalkeeper and the defensive hearts of Jerome Boateng and Nicklas Zoulet on the right hand side Kimche and on the left David Alba. In the midfield came Khamis Rodriguez, Tiago and Sanchez, who was led by Frank Ribery, Aren Rubin and Robert Levandowski.

A negative run in performance and result
The match began with a balanced balance between the two teams, each trying to take control and early possession of the ball, and the first threat to the goal after a quarter of an hour of the meeting by Bayern when he rose Boateng higher than the defenders of Hertha Berlin and received a corner of his head but passed his ball next to the goal.
In the 18th minute, Ribery roused the defenders of Hertha from the left brilliantly, and passed a high ball to Lefandowski who nodded, but also passed by the post.
Hertha's first reaction to Bayern was in the 21st minute, but Noir's brilliance was brilliantly rebuffed by Ibisevic.
Immediately afterwards, Boateng made a mistake on Salomon Kalou, who was awarded a penalty by Bayern, who scored the goal and opened the scoring to open the scoring in the 23rd minute.
The most dangerous chance for Bayern in the first half was through Erin Robben, who received a ground cross with a powerful shot, passing Thomas Kraft's top goal in the 38th minute.
Two minutes before the break, Hertha added a second goal through Andrey Doda, who set off in the center of the Bayern defense and received the crossbar with a powerful direct shot at the top of Noir's net.

Bavarian dominated with a lack of goals
Bayern entered the second half, aiming to modify the score and press hard on Hertha but without a real threat on goal. Bayern dominated the game in the second half, and the team was quick to pass the ball and reach the goal, and got many of the corners but without a real threat to the opponent's goal.
Bayern's attempts continued but did not translate into goals. The referee then announced the whistle of the match, announcing Bayern's first league defeat of the season, Bayern's first defeat against Hertha Berlin since 2009, and the first defeat of coach Nikko Kovac in the Premier League.

#Bayern are temporarily close to the league and are preparing to face #Ajax Amsterdam in the second round of the #Champions League on Tuesday