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How do I report a problem with Apple?

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Are you facing any problem with your Apple iPhone?


Because in this article we apple support team have shared tips How do I report a problem with Apple? If you facing app problems on your iPhone. It has very often if your iPhone app doesn’t work, freezes or crashes or something else problems on iPhone. So, as Apple products users you can report on apple support department through the phone number for apple help because Apple Company has launched the apple support website for apple users where chat to apple support online, can be a report of the facing problem in apple products like iPhone, iPad,iTunes, MacBook and more.


And, in this article we will talk about a similar issue “App Problem on Your Apple iPhone” so, when this happens, on your iPhone so, you can directly report this problem from your Apple iPhone so experienced Apple experts and the developer very well know about this problem which you are facing and they can resolve it ASAP. Follow these entire steps given below how to report an app problem from your Apple iPhone.

  • First, tap on the App Store icon to open the Apple App Store.
  • Then Navigate to the details on the screen for the app.
  • Now scroll down the page where reviews are, tap it and
  • Now From the screen Reviews, Then tap on the New Document icon
  • Tap on the Report a Problem option.{Here you may or not have to type your iTunes store password}
  • Now you have to choose one of the three options to identify which type of problem you’re facing and want to report to the apple support department: And the option is 1.This application has a bug 2.This application is offensive or 3. My concern is not listed here.
  • Then type your problem to report in the field of Comments sections.
  • And the last step tap on the Report button on the upper-right corner of the display to submit the problem report to the apple support department.

We hope you guys, this apple support guide will help you to short out you issues how you can report your App Problem on Your Apple iPhone to apple customer service department or developer so that they could resolve the problem but in case you don’t understand these steps or might be some confusion you are facing can contact on apple help number (+1)855-974-2101 for support assistance by apple support experts.


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