Blinds Easy Install and Review

Cellular shades are workhorses, and they offer great insulation, light control and privacy.

All right, well once again I'll say welcome to anyone who may stop by here. I always try to have a little information, a little helpful information for you and although it's not exciting for everyone. Somebody out there may need this information and like I've said before I'm not compensated by any of these companies. It's just information that I want to share with you and hopefully, it'll help you out. What we're going to do today is I'm going to install two sets of Levolor shades blinds. If you go into these windows right back here and the ones we're working with today will be the level of obvious snow in color, cordless cellular blinds. These are the room darkening type blinds. They're a little more expensive than I wanted to spend but we'll see if they are dark in a room. Anyway, these are kind of the accordion-type you slide down, they're not. You don't have a string or anything but a little button in the middle but we're gonna pop these up real quick. It doesn't look like it's going to be too bad at all. So we'll see you know any way that's its level or blinds boom put them up right now. Alright anyway, this is as I said this is the level or blind here and we're going to open this up and take a look at it real quick to see just what to do. They are here. I got an idea of what they have already in there. Alright just to let you know though there are our directions obviously and Ingles and Espanol what this comes with. it's going to have covers and you really can't probably see this is going to have covers that snap on the end. Two brackets they are going to go in and then the screws and I was looking this over earlier.

The brackets just pop on right before, you all this looks like it snaps in place, and all they say, you need is a pencil, a little tape measure, and a screwdriver which I have and we are ready to go. Now in the package of window blinds, there are your screws and let's go ahead and just pop this one open screw. Here are our little snaps to go on the ends right here large and small ones too small ones to large ones. Okay looks like it's all there I can get that out and know what these will do once we get them in if you can see these are. They kind of open like when you press this button. I guess you depress it when you pull it or not. It retracts oh nice okay these will look nice up there and hopefully like I said they will darken a room. We are not sure all right well we're ready to take these off and get up there and start putting those in this one is a 30-inch. Now the window measures exactly 30 inches, luckily these are cut from what I understand slightly down from what it says. So it's not quite a true 30 inch. So that's good it should fit right in there in a perfect world all right here we go okay well now we're up at the window and it's time to get started. So what we will do is take our blind and first things first oh wow I hope it fits I can say that. So what we will do is we are going to mmm my goodness beautiful I mean you can ask for something better I mean it worked out that's going to work out perfect maybe okay here we go now what we're going to do is we're going to take our bracket which we got off of there and it is going to go like this. So we're going to mark our spaces with our pencils see here actually on this one I want it to be right on the lip of that. So I'm going to go right here that's approximately an inch or so. So from the side over here, you can see that I'm sure you can and I'm going to just mark I'm going to go right up to the edge there and I'm going to mark it right there and right there a good thing about these is it moves up and down on that blind. That’s all about today, see you guys in the next article.