Is Assisted Living & Independent Living the Same Thing?

Are assisted living and independent living facilities the same as each other, or are there distinct differences? Find out in this article.

Is Assisted Living & Independent Living the Same Thing?

Choosing the right supportive environment that fits your needs, personality, and budget during retirement or old age could quickly become an overwhelming process.

The list also seems endless. A pro tip to cut down the option is to pay a physical visit to some of these communities. This could be done after having a good idea and contrasting all available options. This helps with setting things straight and easing the decision-making process.

The difference between independent and assisted living can best be treated by comparing both communities according to specific parameters. While there are borderlines between these two intercepts at some point, there are significant differences, and this article will consider some of them.

Age requirement: under normal circumstances, seniors aged 55 above can take advantage of the independent senior community. The only requirement is that the individual can live independently with little or no assistance.

In an independent living community, individuals of a similar age and lifestyle live together and share interests in a comfortable, stable, and conducive environment. The age requirement varies from one community to another in assisted living communities, but the mean age is also 55 years old.

What sort of assistance is available? The operations are as the name implies for the former (.i.e., Independent living community). Residents in this community typically do not require assistance with daily activities. The residents typically do activities such as medication intake, personal groom keeping, and housekeeping independently. However, some independent living communities offer home and property maintenance benefits and restaurant-style dining.

In assisted living communities, different levels of assistance Are offered depending on the resident's requirements. However, more often than not, residents need a little extra assistance in areas of personal and medical care provided by the community. Also, the level to which this is provided depends on the community's license and budget of living within the community.

Types of activities offered at a living community: every independent living community has a unique range of activities, which makes it unique. But, more often than not, group activities such as classes and programs are made available for residents.

This is backed up by scientific research, which states that staying active is necessary for maintaining health. In assisted living communities, the story is similar. Although the residents are not as independent enough o carry out activities on their own, common areas are available for residents to participate in social activities such as tournaments, crafts, and even movie nights.

Benefits of living in a community

Both communities are built on the principle of allowing residents the opportunity to benefit from the dividends of living in an environment where connection is the keyword.

In an assisted living community, the cost is lower than it would have been if it were individual assistance being provided. It provides a balance between independence and assistance.

Note: assisted living and a nursing home are two different places. An assisted living facility is like living in a house that provides some care. While a nursing home, on the other hand, provides care for seniors who do not require daily hospitalization but require daily medical care.

On the other hand, an independent living community enables you to maintain an independent lifestyle amongst people of similar interests and age groups.


This article has discussed some of the differences between independent and assisted living. With the information provided here, you should be able to choose the best option for your situation. If the idea of living in an independent living community excites you, visit the website of a reputable over 55 community, such as Horisen Lifestyle Community.