Artificial Intelligence and Education

AI is a theory that will transform the digital world. I have known this for years. However, I was not prepared for the rapid change that AI would bring. Recently, I came across an interesting article about artificial Intelligence and new educational methods. It is amazing that robots can produce essays and dissertations in just minutes.

The quality of each paragraph may be poor but the fact that it can analyze Shakespeare plays or Jack London stories is mind blowing. Aside from that, I found out that modern technology can simplify the exchange of data and make college education easier. It is likely that we will learn new knowledge in the next ten decades.

Many websites have one-click data generators and knowledge retrieval technologies. As you can see AI has a major role in education. Another aspect I liked was the virtual classroom. Although I didn't understand the whole thing, students can now communicate with professors and exchange data (due to AI in education). It sounds like a revolutionary idea to me. AI could allow my children, through virtual reality, to gain knowledge similar to Neo.