Ar. Prerna Kaleru with Her Multiple Rewound Projects with BMR Platform

About Architect:

Believing that every problem has the capacity to inspire unique and creative solutions that motivate growth, the young Architect Prerna Kaleru founded Studio Ardete in the year 2010Located in Chandigarh, India, the team at Studio Ardete aims to make each project they undertake a study in logical and comprehensive designing. Their vision is to design spaces that would evolve into art, enriching people's lives inhabiting them.


Timber Rhyme - A Project with the Vision, Craft of the Traditional Curves

Wood-art has been an integral part of Indian history. The design explored conventional limitations of the material sold by the client, veneers and plywood, and its protagonist role in a conversation that has existed in the ancient past as well. 'Timber Rhyme' occupies the first storey of a retail shop in a market complex, Chandigarh. The challenge was to invite a walk through the existing 71' by 18' linear block as one enters from the rear end. The key idea is a by-product of this concern, an elemental ribbon that can be the subject of a conversation while being a facilitator of the same, a converse. As plywood-carpentry meets its entropic spiral, 'Timber rhyme' hopes to create an opportunity to reimagine the craft of the traditional curves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the next generation of torchbearers of intricate carvings.

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Metal Silhouettes Create Another Fluted Layer that Acts like a Balcony Fence and Facade Element Together- Meltcrete

This project is a commercial building owning a major focus on being leased out for offices or display centres in the corporate arena and was diabolic to keep the costs low; second, allowing the area a landmark. Located in Sec-82 Mohali. It was a demanding job to do a south-west facing plot into something that lets happy vibes to everything and everybody around and is such a stand that inspires the projects in the prenatal state to be of a statute similar, thus, bringing class and pep to the otherwise mundane - grey - bland - boxes. Confirming the local building norms, it is an open plan with fixed height, which leaves the designer with the facade to romance with. Meltcrete uses a series of curves more like a melting structure and creates an illusion of a taller structure. It subtly expresses concrete poetry in a subtle way for an office space row plot. Something which was started by Corbusier. The concrete was used as a primary material for the facade. 


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A House Playing Around Nature and day-to-day Activities and Occupants

Facing a highway on a Peripheral of Sector-4 Panchkula, House 91/4 is a corner plot in an urban row house. In all, the architecture eclecticism has been carried out to enhance the transitional relationship of space in a calm and serene yet playing boldly at a focal location, to derive the balance between soul and silence of the space, generating a homely yet ecstatic look of overall feel thereby satisfying the client’s taste and artistic nature of architects. The Client being a hotelier wanted a house to be built for a small family of four. Having multiple hotels, most of the socialising activities were to be organised out of the house. The client wanted to keep the house private focusing on day-to-day activities of the occupants. The sunlight has been used as a major material along with all others, be it hardwood or soft furnishing. The use of distinct chandeliers and artworks has been planted across the entire space to bring life to the built volumes. 

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