An Improved Strategy to Fight Drug Trafficking

The number of drug trafficking is growing fiercely, and it's a crying need to control drug trafficking. Find an improved strategy to fight drug trafficking.

An Improved Strategy to Fight Drug Trafficking
Fight Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is an illegal trade and crime that entails producing, distributing, and selling unlawful drugs or substances forbidden by law. It is also known as drug distribution. Illicit drugs can be heroin, marijuana, cocaine, or any other substance that is unlawful.

Drug trafficking has been a growing problem in recent years worldwide. Thus Moose Jaw drug trafficking lawyer provides the best possible result. Our lawyers will cast doubt on the prosecutor's credibility if the evidence is not too strong.

This article will focus on proving drug trafficking, penalties of drug trafficking, and how strategies can be improved to fight drug trafficking.

Proving drug trafficking:

The culprit must be aware that they own illegal drug trafficking. Because a person cannot involve in drug trafficking without being heedless or if, by mistake, the person believes that controlled substances are legal.

Drug trafficking needs the prosecutor's demonstration that the culprit was entailed to sell or transport of illegal substances or s/he intended to trade with the drugs or deliver it to others. This evidence is important to prove the status and condition of the crime.

Possession of drugs and trafficking is not the same thing. But it can look the same for the first time. So, to prove that a defendant owns drugs for commercial rather than personal use needs additional circumstantial evidence. The prove can be plastic baggies or business cards or whatever.

The prosecution can also establish that the defendant had a substantial amount of cash in hand or business document, proving that they are engaged with substances trades. And lastly, the government can call for the witness who bought drugs from the defendant or is aware of their operation regarding drug trafficking.

What are the possible penalties for drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking and drug possession both are illegal and criminalized in federal and state laws. Drug trafficking is considered a very serious felony that carries stiff penalties rather than drug possession. Transferring drugs across state boundaries is considered a federal offence.

Small-time street dealers to large drug dealers are under drug trafficking charges with different types of penalties based on their scale of operation. The penalties also depend on the type of the substances and the size of the defendant's organization.

For example, a defendant convicted of marijuana trafficking may be punished with 3-10 years of jail and a $100,000 fine. In contrast, a defendant convicted of heroin trafficking will face 25 years of prison and a half a million dollars fine. 

The punishment is even harder and longer for certain enhancements like trading drugs in a school zone or educational institutions.

Additional penalties can be prosecuted if international operations commit the conviction. The sentence includes forfeiting assets like homes, bank accounts, businesses, cars, or other properties used to run the drug business.

If the punishment is more than one year, asset seizure is needed because drug trafficking and possession are serious crimes. After jail, the defendant may face immigration issues also.

Some improved strategies to fight drug trafficking:

Since the types of narcotics transported and the methods utilized are continuously changing, governments must operate together in a coordinated and united manner.

To combat the illicit manufacture, trafficking, and abuse of drugs, we need to do the following things:

  • Global drug-trafficking operations and cooperation with ongoing investigations;
  • Intelligence on drug trafficking routes, methods, and criminal networks; criminal analysis of intelligence on drug trafficking routes, processes, and criminal networks;
  • To better combat drug trafficking, police officers worldwide are receiving extensive training.

Why should you hire a lawyer in a drug trafficking case?

If you have been charged with trafficking controlled substance country or state, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. The criminal defense lawyer will provide you with the best possible solution to fight drug trafficking.

The criminal law firm will first collect the pieces of evidence to present it in court and defend your rights. If the proof is credible, your lawyer will use some skillful bargaining to reduce the potential repercussions you may face.

When you are charged with drug trafficking and drug possession, prosecutors and police will gather as much evidence as they can to imprison you. There are many technical things that you cannot handle by yourself; thus, you need professional helps to consult your case.

The best help you can get from a professional criminal lawyer is to minimize the risk of saying any wrong thing to the court. And by hiring a criminal lawyer, you have a chance to compensate so of your penalties.

Final verdict

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that you cannot deny. The penalties include a long time of imprisonment and monetary forfeit. However, a criminal lawyer can help to lessen some of your penalties.

The best help you can get from a professional criminal lawyer is that you have a chance to compensate so of your penalties.