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If you fail a DOT drug test, two things can happen based on the policy of the company, your employer can terminate your position in the company or your employer can retain you. If your employer decides to retain you can complete the DOT SAP Return to Work Program before being allowed to return to duty or if you are terminated because you failed a drug test, you cannot be placed in the safety-sensitive position until you complete the DOT SAP program.

What is DOT SAP Return to Work Program?

The DOT SAP Return to Work Program is a program that has been instituted by the department of transportation. It has been designed to ensure the safety of the roads by removing drivers that have failed drug or alcohol tests from safety-sensitive positions. This program provides an opportunity for those who have failed in drug tests and to be restoring their position if they are serious about rehabilitation. It requires that an employee who failed in a drug test completes the DOT SAP program before returning to the safety-sensitive position.

How the SAP Helps You

In the first meeting with SAP, you are going directly to participate in education, counseling, or other treatments. It is the SAPs job to find local resources and to fulfill this DOT requirement for you. They will protectyou as a consumer and you won’t simply refer for services of the SAP but they also help you in the entire process.

How do I Complete the DOT SAP Program?

If you are failing a drug test, you may refer to Substance Abuse professionals.You will be required to meet inperson with the SAP and SAP will recommend treatment options for you. The SAP will monitor your progress and will notify your employer that has been successfully completed the recommendation given by the SAP. You will be required to complete a drug test before being reinstated into your position.

What is the DOT SAP Return to Duty Process?

Before a worker can return to duty for safety-sensitive functions, they must complete the SAP Return to Duty Process. Once the positive testis found these are the following steps to be required.

• Remove the employee from the safety-sensitive position immediately.

• Find a qualified DOT SAP to complete the initial SAP evaluation.

• Finish an SAP-recommended education/ treatment program.

• Next, complete the second SAP evaluation.

• If the SAP report is good then complete the return to duty observe drug test.

The Final Thoughts!

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