Why you should do a health check up after the recovery from Corona

A complete Best health checkup will help you to minimize the risk factors & keep illness away. Maintaining the concept in view, we at Devadoss Hospital Madurai aim at moving beyond the doctor-patient relationship, to that of being your partner in Healthcare.

Why you should do a health check up after the recovery from Corona

We began to enjoy life as before COVID for stop everyone began to roam here and there and Started revenge traveling. What is revenge Traveling? It is taking add events from a year where you couldn’t travel. We had to stay home all day and night for more than seven to eight months.

Why did the Second wave come?

So as soon as the government opened the restrictions, people started moving out to make up for the time they had lost due to COVID. But all of this resulted in the second wave. And that’s where we failed. If we had been careful enough, our nation wouldn’t have to witness the second wave of COVID-19. And if you still maintain the same attitude, we are nowhere far from the third wave becoming a reality. And we are ready to have an open debate with anyone who says we had victory over the second year. Because we didn’t feel stopped, we barely survived the second wave first up; it is time that we realize that if the third wave becomes a reality, you and me coming out of it alive is a rare possibility.

Why you should do a health check-up after the recovery from Corona

The COVID-19 infection triggers inflammation in the body. That may lead to the weakening of the heart muscle, abnormalities in heart rhythm. And even clot formation in blood vessels.

The virus may directly invade receptor cells, known as ACE2 receptors within the myocardial tissue, and causes direct viral harm. Other complications are myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. It could lead to an increase in heart failure over time. For people with pre-existing heart diseases, this can result in advancement in the issue or rise of different heart ailments,

Need Full body check-ups

A full-body health check-up consists of a series of tests are designed to check if you are on the right health track. The main goal of a health check-up is to find the hidden disease in your body, prevent it from building, and lower its effect on your body. Health check-ups have several advantages. By taking up regular health check-ups, you can increase your lifespan by improving your health and preventing it from deteriorating.

Find the best lab or hospital to test your body.

A usual full-body health check-up consists of blood and urine tests, x-ray, ultrasonography, lungs function test, and cardiac test. These tests should only be carried out by an accredited laboratory or hospital with all the tools to carry out these diagnostic tests. If you are wise to get accurate results, then try Devadoss multispecialty hospital. They have the most advance and latest technology for the test. Also, these tests would be tested by a well-qualified and experienced physician.