Things to do in Rochester

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Things to do in Rochester
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If anyone planning to visit, Rochester, located near the NY, must know what are the top things to do in Rochester. The city is home to places that you can look forward to visiting in Rochester. There are many great things to do in, with an incredible variety of sights to see. There are world-class museums, with incredible waterfalls, local culinary creations, and fascinating cultures to learn about. 

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Susan B. Anthony House

The Susan B. Anthony House is the home of Susan B. Anthony is located in West Rochester and is open throughout the year for tours. You can visit her home Susan B. Anthony House boasts to learn more about her incredible life and the impact that she had on women’s rights, specifically the right to vote. Reserve your day to take a visit through the home and include many pieces owned and used by Anthony. Adore the home next door that has even been turned into a great little museum.

High Falls

This high fall in Rochester is located in the heart of downtown. You can locate incredible High Falls along the Genesee River which is nearly a 100-foot waterfall. Capture the dramatic scene in the middle of the city with its large size and the massive canyon the river has carved below it.


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Strong Museum of Play

This strong museum is dedicated to many children’s museums. Located in Rochester, this museum features dozens of unique play areas for children. You can look out for scientific areas in this museum. there are pinball machines, a giant pretends grocery store, sesame Street, and much more to enjoy with kids. This museum has even better, many of these areas that are also quite fun for parents to experience too. Enjoy an actual toy museum here, that features vintage toys from American history.

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George Eastman Museum


The George Eastman Museum in Rochester is the world’s oldest museum that is dedicated to photography. This museum is located in the home of George Eastman, the founder of the Kodak Company. Adore the histories of photography and film from its earliest days up through modern advancements. 

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Cobb’s Hill Park

Cobb’s Hill Park is a 109-acre park in Rochester that is located southwest of downtown Rochester. This park boasts many typical park amenities including sports fields and playgrounds and is also home to the city’s reservoir. Capture the incredible view of the skyline of downtown Rochester from the top of Cobb’s Hill. 

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