Life After ACL Reconstruction and Recovery Tips | Dr. Ashwini Gaurav

After ACL Reconstruction getting life on track is harder but dr. ashwini Gaurav can help you. Here are the tips that can help you to get recover fastly after ACL reconstruction to get back into routine life

Life After ACL Reconstruction and Recovery Tips | Dr. Ashwini Gaurav
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Life After ACL Reconstruction and Recovery Tips

ACL reconstruction surgery for ACL torn nowadays with the use of advanced science and technology has done by keyhole surgery is arthroscopic surgery. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction) is a surgical tissue graft replacement of the ligament, located in the knee, to restore its operation after damage. The torn ligament is removed from the knee before the graft is inserted with an arthroscopic procedure

After ACL surgery in Patna Dr. Ashwini Gaurav guides for ROM (range of motion) exercises. Range of motion exercises helps to regain the flexibility of the ligament prevent or break down scar tissue from developing and lower the loss of muscle tone. Here are the tips that can help you to get recover fastly after ACL reconstruction to get back into routine life.

ACL Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovering from an ACL surgery can be lengthy and hard, but there are ways to make your recovery as quick as possible while achieving the best result.

  • Follow post-operative instructions: After ACL surgery, you should be given oral instructions for recovery as well as written instructions. Make sure to read and understand those instructions and what to look for as far as illness or adverse reactions to the surgery.
  • Use Cold Therapy to Control Inflammation: In the first week, you’ll need to ice and elevate the knee to decrease swelling. Being able to extend the knee completely and flex it to 70 degrees are the first goals. Continuing to use cold therapy for the time of your recovery may help stimulate healing and control any pain and swelling you might experience after physical therapy sessions.
  • Go to physical therapy: Physical therapy is required to help you recover strength in your leg. If you do not have a physical therapist, ask your doctor for recommendations in your area. Be sure to conduct and participate in all rehab exercises to the best of your capability. The actual goal of any physical therapy is to help you strengthen your knee gradually to avoid re-injury.
  • Take your medicine: Expected pain and discomfort for the first few days after surgery. If you are prescribed pain medicines, take them as prescribed. They can help you heal faster by dulling pain while working on strength and range-of-motion activities in physical therapy. Do not overuse your pain medication or it may be more difficult to function without them once the prescription has run out.
  • Get proper sleep and nutrition: After surgery, it is important to challenge yourself. it is equally necessary to take good rest to let your body recover. Getting the proper amount of rest helps your body recover. Try to include lean protein, dairy products, and plenty of vegetables into your daily diet.
  • Don’t overdo it Once you are feeling a little bit okay, it may be tempting to immediately return to your old routine life. Take it slow, ask for help if you require it, and clear any physical exercise with your physician before participating. If you feel a fever or have abnormal pain or other adverse signs, you need to let your doctor know. By addressing problems early, your doctor can hold you on track to healing.

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