Knee Replacement Surgeon in Patna | Procedure and Cost of Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Ashwnini Garuav is the best knee replacement surgeon in Patna. Procedure and Cost of knee replacement surgery? Why knee surgery necessary

Knee Replacement Surgeon in Patna | Procedure and Cost of Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement. Severe knee injury or arthritis may cause this type of surgery. Dr. Ashwini Gaurav is one of the leading knee replacement surgeon in Patna. The goal of knee replacement surgery is to reshape the knee joints and relieve knee pain.

Types of Knee Replacement:

  1. Total Knee Replacement- whole knee replaced
  2. Partial Knee Replacement – affected part of knee is replaced
  3. Bilateral knee replacement: both knees replaced

Why Knee Replacement is Necessary?

Usual sign for this surgery is when all medication has exhausted in a patient whose joints are no longer in working condition. The most common reason for knee replacement is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis cause damage to the cartilage and limits the movement of the bones. People with this disease are not able to do normal activities such as bending at the knee, walking or climbing stairs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is also one of the main reason for total knee replacement surgery. This disease results from knee injury. It may also lead to degeneration of the knee joint.

Procedure of Knee Replacement Surgery:

You have to make stay in the hospital for several days. Duration of stay may vary upon the patient’s condition. The whole surgery will conducted while you are asleep under general anesthesia. Our anesthesiologist will discuss this with you in advance.

After that we will conduct our surgery procedure as per the requirements. We will remove the damaged surfaces of the knee joint and replace with the prosthesis. The knee prosthesis made up of metal and plastic. The most common type of artificial knee prosthesis is a cemented prosthesis. Once the surgery done, patient can walk from the very next day and take a few weeks to get back to normal life.

What is the cost of Knee Replacement?

Dr. Ashwini Gaurav best knee replacement surgeon in Patna provides complete and quality solution for total knee replacement surgery. He is having some of the Highest Success Rates for Knee Replacement in Patna. All the implants used are of international standards and imported. The costing of knee replacement is depending upon the patient’s medical condition. We provide Best and Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery  in Patna. Get best cost and high success rate knee replacement treatment with Dr. Ashwini. Feel free to connect us, we are always there to serve you.

Best Knee Replacement Surgeon In Patna

Dr. Ashwini Gaurav is one of the renowned orthopedic doctor in Patna. He is practicing these kind of surgeries from more than 10 year. Having that much of experience as orthopaedic surgeon is really a big achievement itself. Dr. Ashwini Gaurav provides all the state of art ortho treatment to their patients. If you are facing any knee pain or joint pain book an appointment with him now!