High Mast Lighting

High mast lighting with lifting and lowering device High mast lighting with raise and the lower device is the most efficient way to illuminate a large area, mainly composed of four parts: mast, luminaire mounting bracket, High Mast Lighting and raise and lower system. Luminaire mounting bracket The main function is to install lighting fixtures, and customized design is available according to the customer's requirements. Lifting and lowering system The resurrection-and-lowering system is the main part of the high mast lighting equipment, mainly consisting of a winch, motor, pulley assembly, lighting support ring, steering arm assembly, locking mechanism, bumper, cables, electrical appliances, and other components. Winch The special winch with three patented technologies is well equipped and reliable. Unique functions and inventions The over-torque protection device can avoid the potential danger of damage to the mast assembly. The unique anti-skid device, except for the normal self-locking screw gear protection, with a unique and patented invention called a one-way damper, ensures a safer and more reliable double self-locking lock. Steel cable device The sealed helical gearbox is dust-free. Mast pulley assembly The pulley assembly consists of three arms of steel cable and one to three arms of power cable pulley, which provides stable stability to the luminaire mounting bracket bypassing three steel wires through the mast up and down. All internal and external components are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials. Steering arm assembly Steering Arm Mounting on the light support ring is used to overcome jitter and keep the light mounting bracket centered around the mast. The lever assembly has three steering arms to provide precise steering. Locking mechanism The latching mechanism on the steering arms is able to take the load off the steel cables in the working position. The snapping process turns on and off stably and without vibration. The luminaire support leveling bracket is easy to operate and convenient to adjust the level. The specially designed red flag has obvious visual effects and reflects the actual fixation situation. Electrical devices High mast lighting electrical devices include motor, lighting control cabinet, raising and lowering system control device, junction box, and so on. Engine option - external or internal; Stainless steel junction box mounted on the luminaire support ring. Cables The power cable is YC thick sheath cable, and the steel cable is a hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel cable.