7 Tips You Should Use to Manufacture Impeccable Candle Boxes

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7 Tips You Should Use to Manufacture Impeccable Candle Boxes
7 Tips You Should Use to Manufacture Impeccable Candle Boxes

Candles have always been an essential thing in classical as well as luxurious decors. The demand for candles is not limited to decoration purposes. A great number of people use candles to make themselves calm and relax. Candles are not only used to brighten up a place but there are also available scented candles that are used for therapeutic procedures. The uses of candles are multiple which leads to high demand for candles. Therefore, candle brands use candle boxes to make packaging more appealing. Candle items themselves reveal an artistic look, you can make them even more appealing by wrapping them in attractive packaging designs.

Use Affordable and Sturdy Packaging Material

The packaging materials are of various types and you can find them easily in markets. For candle packaging, cardboard and paperboard mediums are generally used. Candles are made of wax; therefore, they need high-quality packaging material to remain safe. To prevent candles from external conditions, you need to wrap them in sturdy boxes. Good packaging material should have the following traits.

  • It should be cost-effective so that you can save your budget. It is important to save money on the packaging because you are already spending on other areas of your business. And if your business is small, it will become even more necessary for you to save money.
  • The packaging material should have enough strength to protect the candles.
  • The lifetime of most candles is usually long. Therefore, it is far more important to keep them in a container that also has a long lifespan.
  • The packaging boxes should have resistance against heat and water to keep candles safe otherwise their shapes will be affected. Such a thing can especially happen in the case of pillar candles.

Consider Candle Type

Candles are made of paraffin or soy wax. You can give them different shapes to add diversity. Candles can be found as pillar candles, glass jar candles, and tin jar candles. Most candle brands offer all these types of candles. For every type of candle, you need to wrap them in ideal packaging. Pillar candles usually do not need a separate packaging box but if you are offering a keeper for them, it will be a plus point in packaging. You will be giving a good experience to customers which means they will surely come again to your store.

Add Labels

Adding labels is beneficial for candle brands to create a powerful difference. You can add different labels such as special quotes to give a feeling of trust to the consumers. The labels may also include the ingredients or fragrant flavors that a particular candle product is carrying. Make sure you add different labels for different scented candles otherwise your packaging will become boring. Give a wholesome experience to the consumers so that you can ensure your business growth.

Make The Packaging Completely Personalized

The competition of candle brands is also increasing like any other business. Many people also make candles at their homes and make them attractive. In this way, one may find both small and large scales businesses in candle fields. Therefore, it is important to make yourself as visible as possible. For this purpose, you must make packaging different and appealing. For custom packaging, you must thoughtfully represent your brand identity so that your consumers will remember your name. For this purpose, you must go for adding your brand name and a unique logo design that can best describe your brand. Such a complete packaging solution can be found in candle boxes by wecustomboxes.

Add Printing Details Wisely

When it comes to printing, you must be as creative as possible. You can use different techniques to do effective printing. Scented candles are of numerous types such as rose, lavender, jasmine, musk, and many more. To specify their fragrance, you can use a different theme for each type of candle. If you are purchasing packaging boxes in large volumes, make sure to add variety in printing so that you can present every type of candle effectively. If your candle waxes are filled in tin containers and those containers have unique prints, you can use the same theme prints for packaging boxes. It will make your candles look classy and connected.

Use Add-ons

Using add-ons for packaging has always been an excellent option. You can do embossing to give a haptic feel to the audience. Embossing can be used for text to give the packaging an appealing look. You can also use foil stamps to print a logo design or brand name. Also, pack the box wisely so that you will be able to gather a large audience. For example, whether you are using plane boxes or printed containers, you can pack them with twines or silk ribbons to make packaging more alluring.

Keep Candles Safe During Shipment

Shipments of candles need great handling to deliver them safely to their destination. Candle packaging may include multiple layers. First, you have filled wax in glass jars or tin containers. Second, you cover those jars with separate lids made of wool cloth or tin lids. Thirdly, you packed the candle in a cardboard box. At last, your candle container becomes ready to be wrapped in a shipment box. For shipment, you must add cushions to keep the product safe and secure. For binding, you may have several adhesive options. Using binding tape is an excellent way to bind the packaging box. You can also add customizations in shipment boxes. Such as you can use printed corrugated cardboard boxes for shipment. You can print the brand name and logo on these boxes to be more visible to the consumers.


To make candle packaging an enticing one, you must follow useful tips and tricks. By using a competent medium with colourful prints, you can make packaging attractive. Add-ons and unique finishes will make your candle items look more potent and unique. Pay particular attention to shipment boxes, so that your product will be delivered safely and you will be remembered among customers.