7 Reasons Why Moving House Is Expensive in This Day & Age

Discover 7 major reasons why moving house is so expensive in this day and age and how you can look to reduce the cost of your next move.

7 Reasons Why Moving House Is Expensive in This Day & Age

At times, organizing a move can be discouraging because of its demands. If it does not consume time, it consumes money or energy. There is nothing like a cheap move, but the costs can be managed to fit into a budget. The two types of moving processes highlight how moving costs and budget work.

A full-service move is meant for large budgets and helps save time and energy because professional movers manage the rigorous activities of the move. On the other hand, do-it-yourself moves are the budget-friendly yet demanding type of move. Here, the person organizing the move takes the responsibility of managing the activities of the move without the help of professional movers.

Looking at the two kinds of moves helps to know what makes these moves cost so much. This article highlights the factors that contribute to the costs of a move.

7 major factors that make moving expensive

Specific factors influence moving costs, and these factors are:

  1. Movers: Hiring professional movers increases the cost of the move explaining why full-service moves are meant for large budgets. Professional movers are paid for the hours of work they put in and the distance they travel while transporting properties.
  2. Distance: If you opt for a do-it-yourself move. The costs can still be high. The cost of moving within is lower compared to moving between countries or states. The organizer of the move gets to pay for the fuel used by the vehicle transporting the goods.
  3. Paperwork: It is common knowledge that moves can be hazardous because the quality of the goods being transported can be compromised. Hence, there is a need to acquire insurance on all the valuable properties transported. This cost is independent of the kind of move; thus, it cannot be avoided unless the properties’ owner is willing to risk the quality of the transported goods.
  4. Time: This pays attention to the season you choose to move. Moves in the moving season are relatively high compared to other seasons because the demand for movers and moving trucks is high, and the service is offered to the ones willing to pay the most for them.
  5. Packing supplies and protective supplies: These are items and equipment used to securely pack and transition goods from one point to the other. They can be pretty expensive to acquire, although they cost more in the moving seasons. However, they are options to get these supplies at little or no cost, and you need to know where to look.
  6. Miscellaneous: The reason full-service moves cost higher is that the moving company provides security and protection to the goods being transported and the movers doing the tasks. Hence, when organizing do-it-yourself moves, it is wise to budget for injuries and accidents as there is the possibility that professionals do not do it.
  7. Traveling documents: There is a difference when migrating good within a country than between countries. For the former, no paperwork or permit is needed in most cases, while the latter always demands paperwork that will permit you to transport your belongings out and into a country. Hence, increasing the cost of the move.


In general, the kind of move you opt for only helps you plan your budget but does not eliminate the costs associated with a move. Moving factors determine the cost of a move. Some factors can be avoided, while others are essential. This article provided much-needed details on these factors.

If you wish to save money on your next move, consider renting a small truck and performing a DIY move.