5 Ways To Help Children Organise Home Work

5 Ways To Help Children Organise Home Work

Home work is extremely important for school going children. You can organise children’s homework and create a calm in chaos. However, teaching your children to organise their homework is no easy task. It is hard to clean up their mess as if your own isn’t enough already. Be it crayons scattered all over the floor or your child looking for their important school worksheet the night before, making children adapt to neat and organized methods of sorting their school work is always a continuous struggle and becomes tenfold harder if you are working parents. This blog will help you with sorting out your children’s schoolwork through some easy tips:

Home work stations:

Keeping a work station at home is of the utmost importance as it helps keep all school related stuff like stationary and school paperwork at one place, however only a designated work station is not enough. It also needs to be organised so your child can easily access anything they require while doing their homework. For the study material/paperwork a file organiser by DYNUIQ works best as it has colored partitions with color key tags which can be used to mark different subjects. Each color can be designated to a separate subject, for instance, red for Mathematics, blue for English etc. File organisers are brilliant for categorising schoolwork on the basis of different subjects because they are easily expandable and they can be compressed back to their original size and easily fits into regular sized drawers or shelves. For the stationary items, it is best to reuse any kinds of jars and tin cans as pencil stands for crayons, pencil colors, markers, erasers, sharpeners etc. This will help in greatly reducing unnecessary clutter on the homework table subsequently letting your child focus on the actual homework at hand.

3 labeled files per child:

Each one of your children needs to have three expanding files dedicated to them. They should be labeled as:

To be signed:

This file should contain all circulars or permission slips that require your signature or lists of things that your child requires for a school trip.

Short-term keeps:

This file shall contain any worksheet, assignment etc that your child may require in the near future. Expanding files by DYNUIQ are very helpful in this regard because it consists of separations with the help of which you can divide the school work on the basis of subject.

Long-term keeps:

As the name suggests, this file will be designated to past achievements like certificates, report cards etc. The idea is to keep them organised and safe from your children until they are old enough to appreciate and cherish such things and the memories attached to them.


Keep record of receipts:

It is advisable to invest in a filing folder by DYNUIQ because of its easy access as well as its assistance in keeping record of fee receipts that you have paid or those that are yet to be paid. If you are busy, working parents then it is all the more advisable to keep track of your child’s fee receipts as those are things that are very easily misplaced at home and are hard to find again. It is best to train children to put any fee bills they get in the filing folder so it doesn’t go missing and you know which one of it is due when. These filing folders are easy to store in any desk drawer, shelf, cupboard etc at home due to its ability to shrink back to its original size. All of these organisation tips take time to follow but once done, it is only a matter of maintaining the same system of organisation every day and you are good to go.

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