5 Great Ways To Dress For Short Women To Look Taller

Everyone wishes to look stylish no matter what they wear. While it’s easy for some, it can be a complex process for others, for example, for short women. Don't you feel that some clothes are just making you look short and plain? It’s true; actually, some colors, prints, and patterns are not meant for short women at all. You have to be careful when buying dresses or any womens clothing for short women.

See, not all women have an ideal model body; everyone has their flaws. Not everyone is perfect. Who wants to be perfect anyway? Perfect is boring. Learn to love your imperfects and all your flaws, whether it is your height, weight, or anything else. Be confident, and when we say you can look a bit taller if you change your current wardrobe, we aren’t lying, honey. You need to try some tips and hack before you jump onto any sale to hoard new collections.

Tips & Hacks That Will Add a Couple of Inches to Your Height:

Steer Clear of Baggy Clothes:

Short women should avoid baggy clothes at all costs. Baggy clothes are not your best friend if you wish to appear taller than your usual height. You need to know what fits your body and what flatters your body. You might believe this, but baggy clothes are actually making you look even shorter than you actually are. It would be best if you bought clothes that fit your body. Opt for fitted tops, jeans, dresses, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your frame right.

Vertical Stripes are Your Friend:

Vertical stripes create columns in your dress that make you appear taller and skinnier than your regular size. Other patterns might not be as beneficial for you as these vertical ones. Whether it is top or bottoms, you must go for vertical strips always. Pair with pointy heels and pretty accessories.

Crop Tops & High Waist Jeans:

Women of short heights must go with high waist jeans, pants, skirts, trousers, or any kind of bottoms. And it would be best if you paired them with crop tops. A combination of crop tops and high waist jeans creates a column in your dressing, where high waist jeans make your legs look taller, and crop tops make your torso look smaller. It would help if you tried the easiest way to look taller and skinner for short women.

Plunge Necklines or V neckline:

Another way to avoid any short women issues you can add plunge or V neckline dresses for women in your wardrobe. This sort of neckline is perfect for you, and they help shift all the unwanted attention from your height to your best features, that is, your beautiful neckline. It also adds visual height to your body frame. So, do not think much and get a few V or plunge neckline tops and dresses for women.

You’ll find many ways to dress to look taller for short women, and these are just some basic ones you can try. There are so many dresses in the market that you can wear and look tall and skinny, and it’s all up to you how willing you are to try on new things. If you need ideas and more dresses for women, visit our online shipping site for women, Elegantic.com. We offer a variety of dresses and tops in womens clothing at affordable prices.