5 Famous Things to Do in Cartagena

Cartagena offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit a wide range of interests. You can go diving and diving on the Rosario Islands.

5 Famous Things to Do in Cartagena

Cartagena is known for being the most romantic, gorgeous, and beautiful city in the world, with a lot of history. This beautiful city is made up of enormous colonial architecture bordered with flowers, hundreds of excellent restaurants and stores, and Cobblestone Street, all of which provide visitors with a memorable travel experience. Cartagena is known for its beautiful castles, culture, history, and vast treasure.

Visitors can walk around the city walls at sunset, visit the beautiful structures and castles, and dine on delectable Caribbean food, which includes fresh fish and exotic fruits. You can make your holidays memorable and entertaining with lively markets, shopping, day excursions, and pleasant weather.

Things to Do In Cartagena


Colorful buildings, artists, flowers, and residents selling goods line the streets for visitors. Torre Del Reloj, Plaza Aduana, Plaza Santa Domingo, and Plaza Bolivar are some of Cartagena's must-see attractions, where you can enjoy dance and performances, learn about the city's history, and much more.


El Totumo is a tiny volcano near Cartagena where you may bathe in thick mud. People enter into the hill-like vat and float in the mud while also having a brief massage. There are females who will scrub you down after a peaceful mud massage, so it can be quick fun, and relaxing. If you're looking for a good deal on a flight, contact the Allegiant Airlines Tickets Booking counter right now.


Delicious street food can be found at every corner of Cartagena. The food stalls in the plazas should sell you cheese-filled arepas and fresh lemonade. Exotic fruits, fried delicacies like empanadas, queso costeno, frozen desserts, and Tinto are all available in Cartagena.


The Islas Del Rosario is a cluster of 27 islands in the Caribbean Sea, covered by coral reefs where you can enjoy and explore marine life. Boating, swimming, and snorkeling are one of the various outdoor activities provided to visitors.


Playa Blanca is Cartagena's most popular white sand beach. This beautiful place is crowded with residents, tourists, and beach sellers during the day. The seas are crystal pure and dazzling blue, and the scenery is stunning. Make your trip special by ordering a drink and fried fish with peanut sauce from one of the beach cafes. Visit the official Allegiant Airlines website at any time to book flights.